Sparta Carnegie Township Library

Our Library Services

Sparta Twp. Library has two rooms available to organizations  for educational, cultural, and civic purposes.  Call the library at (616)887-9937 for more information.

Services available to the Sparta Community:
* Free, high-speed internet access including wireless
*Mircrosoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
*Copy Machine (.35 per page)
*Fax Machine ($1.00 per page)
*DVD's are $1.00 to rent for 7 days
*Wide Selection of Books, Audio Books on CD, DVD's & Magazines
*Garden Atrium
*Library Inter-loan
*Adult and Children Programming
Electronic Books, Audio Books and Magazines

To give a financial gift in honor of, in memory of, a general gift to the library or a specific area of the library (ex. Children's Library or Adult Library)