Sparta Carnegie Township Library

Our Library Services

Sparta Twp. Library has two rooms available to organizations  for educational, cultural, and civic purposes.  Call the library at (616)887-9937 for more information.

Services available to the Sparta Community:
* Free, high-speed internet access including wireless
*Mircrosoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
*Copy Machine (.35 per page)
*Fax Machine ($1.00 per page)
*DVD's are $1.00 to rent for 7 days
*Wide Selection of Books, Audio Books on CD, DVD's & Magazines
*Garden Atrium
*Library Inter-loan
*Adult and Children Programming
Electronic Books, Audio Books and Magazines

To give a financial gift in honor of, in memory of, a general gift to the library or a specific area of the library (ex. Children's Library or Adult Library)

Download audiobooks, ebooks and magazines on or by using the Libby app
February 2022 the Overdrive app will no longer be available in app stores. 
Overdrive is moving to Libby as the only app supplying Overdrive material.
Patrons with the Overdrive app will be able to continue using the Overdrive app, but it will be phased out by the end of 2022.  
Please visit us at the library with any questions.