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Sparta Carnegie Township Library

Our Mission Statement

Sparta Carnegie Township Library is a locally funded, non-profit organization, and is a member of Lakeland Library Cooperative, which provides a state-of-the-art shared library automation system and online catalog.

To provide a place, central in the community, for the dissemination of information in such a manner as to make such a process attractive, informative, interesting and efficient.

To provide instruments of the various media to make gathering of information easy, enjoyable, and reasonably quick.

To provide for the community a wide range of materials for those who read for pleasure, or for the gathering of information, either in the course of their occupation, or as a means of furthering their education, or simply for the purpose of widening their horizons.

To acquaint the community with the large store of books, audio-visuals, and other print and non-print materials, both from the past and the present, that can be found in our library and can be used and enjoyed for any of the purposes mentioned previously.

Both print and other forms of resources will be provided for persons of all ages, varied viewpoints, and a broad range of interests and understandings.